Bowen Therapy

bowen therapyWhat is Bowen Therapy?

Bowen Therapy is a gentle form of body work of specific movements involving the practitioner’s thumb and fingers over muscles, ligaments, tendons and nerves, using varying degrees of pressure.  These subtle moves send signals deep into the body, retrieving memory of a relaxed, balanced way of well being.

Pauses during the session allow the body to respond to the treatment and for natural body restoration to occur.


Benefits of Bowen Therapy?

The principal benefit of Bowen Therapy is the often rapid and long term or permanent remission from pain, reduced stress, greater mobility and improved physical and emotional quality and enjoyment of life.  Additional benefits can include increased energy, improvement in the immune system, rebalancing of the body, improved circulation, lymphatic drainage and detoxifications.  Further and important benefits of Bowen Therapy are that it has few contraindications.  It is very gentle, relaxing and non-invasive involving no manipulation and is therefore ideal for everyone including children and the elderly.





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